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BaylorIC Worldwide -TV is an online independent entertainment television and media outlet which focuses on presenting progressive, positive, and innovative programming bringing the world closer to you. 

Our aim is to provide a platform to allow for the educational and talent development, while offering an avenue for talented individuals to practically fulfill their dreams and passions in media, the creative, and performing arts.
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Creative Writing Intern

Join us in congratulating Krystal Cyrus who successfully completed BaylorIC Worldwide -TV Internship Program with top scores!

Eighteen year old Krystal, who was the youngest of the finalists ranging from ages 17-28, was born in Canada but grew up in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of Grenada. She is the daughter of Joanne Cyrus, a student of Marine Biology and avid writer. Krystal had always dreamed of becoming a published author, and that is exactly what she told BaylorIC Worldwide-TV when she turned up for auditions at the Grenada National Casting Call held on November 23, 2013 at the Grenada Trade Center in Grand Anse, St. George.

During the year, Krystal demonstrated tenacity professionalism, dependability, the ability to meet deadlines, and creativity. More importantly she proved that she was serious about her writing and the opportunity to make her path in the field of media, creative, and performing arts.  She took the internship with BaylorIC Worldwide-TV serious and completed EVERY task assigned to her with precision and professionalism. 

Crowning her successful finish, is the release of her first book entitled, The Enigmatics. 

Congratulations Krystal for a job well-done!
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